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if you cant climb a hill, then stay away from my mountain!!
^_^(hikari is light)>_<

> > >SSA4SHQ
(supposedly simple answers for supposedly hard questions..lol)

Q Why do donuts have holes?
A So you can make munchkins!!

> > >Harry Potter Quotes
"There is no good and evil, there is only power...and those too weak to seek it."

"Fear of a name increases fear of a thing itself."

"You should have died! Died rather than betray your friends, as we would have done for you!"

"I don't go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me."

> > >weatherpixie !
> > >A little few (rushed) haikus
Harry Potter's cool!
I wanna go to Hogwarts!
But ghots are scary...

NuTANG and Xanga
There are lots of bloggers out
Blogger slash blogspot

The internet's fun
IMing and websites
Um..that's about it

Swaying in the breeze
Palm trees silently swaying
'Till the breeze will stop

the aftermath....
7.5.0 - 15.42.22

well, the fourth of july bbq was fun...yeah..we at italian sausages, ribs and uh...chicken! yea...chicken (phew i almost forgot) and ya know what? we saw thes fireworks (though they were for another city, lol) and they were like awesome. but i wanna see the ones in ny! i heard they were schychronized (or however u spell that word) and i wanna see them. our tv isnt good at seeing ch. 4 (where the ny firworks were being broadcasted) oh yeah, i was gonna ask if i can use the internet (cuz it takes up the phone line; we only have 1) and i had ice cream (vanilla and chocolate, sugar free, of course) and when i went to the patio, there was this giant cockroach or something that went up my leg and into my shorts, and it was like so ticklish but scary cuz there werent any things comin out of the door and i panicked cuz i didnt know what it was, but then it went out my other leg (ticklish, still, it went up one leg, through the middle till it found it's way out my other leg) and onto the inside part of the door. so i panicked and closed the door, leaving the cockroach (or something) inside the house, but i warned my bro, and he like panicked too. then after that i decided to wash (although i didnt think it acutally helped where the bug was) and later when my mom came from work we saw it again and i was freakin out () and so was my bro so we made her kill it and then she like shoved it outside into the patio with her foot. im such a scarey cat, rite? yeah?! what kinda answer is yeah? i was hoping youd say no or maybe, but yeah? (if you didnt say yeah (or something like it) then sorry, i just thought people would say yeah to that question) oh well, i guess i am then.... (whos, illike these smilies, don't i?!) oh well, i wanna read some fanfics rite now....read this one! its really good, but it brings a sad ending to one of my favorite stories. oh well, it is good, so oh well bye!

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iming is fun!!!!
7.4.03. - 1.28.17

lol.....just chatting cuz when we have our bbq i wanna play outside, but it looks like its gonna rain. WAHHH!!!!! !!!!!! lolz....im chattin with erika n chelsea rite now..haha look at whats in the reflections box:
Anytime I see something screech across a room and latch onto someones neck, and the guy screams and tries to get it off, I have to laugh, because what is that thing.
lol....thats funny....rite. whatever, it used to be funny....oh well good bye....!

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harry potter's the coolest!!!
7.3.03 - 15.21.14
hey! i looooooove harry potter!!!!!!! lol, just bringing that up now, now THAT'S strange....hahaha ive been surfin mugglenet recently, check it out, thats where i get loads of quotes and a laugh every once n a while....watchin something on magic...not sure what its about cause im using the comp and not payin attention, lol.....bye, heress the ava!

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ugh...finally finished....
7.2.03 - 23.19.30
ey....i erased the story i was making....it wasnt workin out, but i replaced them with a poem, lyrics to an anime song and these funny weather report parodies. lol....nothin else....another ava:

{i sound like im managing a business type site....lol)

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layout change.....
6.2.03 - 14.12.55
ey people, like my layout? i changed it, if you didnt notice, lol..... im gonna chose a diff. avator for every post...thatll be kewl, rite? i like the SSA4SHQ coulmn.....it just doesnt make sense, and usually, that's funny.....post me if ya like it or not, alright? oh yeah, same for my online story, Etoile. I'm tryin, tell me if ya dont like it. nothing much is happenin rite now, so l8terz!

heres the daily ava!

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woo-hoo!!!!!! first entry!!!!!!..lol
Tuesday July 1, 2003 at 2:00
finally, my first entry!!!!ive been trying to perfect the look of my weblog forever!!!!! lol.....this is just a test entry, kai? im gonna add another entry so, oh tommorow? i wanna have an avator, so lemme juz get one out, kai? alright....here it is! pretty, rite? lol....i didnt see all of them, though...lol see ya soon peoplez!!!!

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hikari is light
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