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Kasey the Star - 1- Big Break...?
by: Me

Kasey Naricassa always wanted to be a star. She tried out in everything imaginable, talent competitions, beauty paegents, you name it, She's handled it. 1st place in all of them. But in those competitions, no one asked her to act ion anything. And, on top of all that, she recognizes some of the girls in big movies and television shows.

She was so jealous of these girls. Kasey, the perfect...perfect one, she thought to herself. No one wants me, cuz I'm perfect, maybe too perfect, she said to herself to give her confidence and to stop her from crying. She knew what it was like, to be laughed at when you're number 1 and others get the prize. She would do anything to be in at least a commerical. Little did she know that the chance would come sooner than she thought.

It would've been a normal day, passing by the fact that there were camera's everywhere and people were trying to get the camera people's attention. Kasey, thinking she would get her big break now, started acting in front of the cameras. She started acting all cute and loveable, which lead the others to act sickened.

Later that day, an announcementt came over the loudspeaker. "Attention students of Washington Junior High!" the principal's voice boomed in the halls in the classrooms. "Will the following please come to the auditorium for a special assembly, please? Thank you, now...Abolet, Besciet, Caitlass, Dalbeto, Enicant, Frankio...."

Kasey knew that she would be called. All the people he was calling had not been fooling in front of the camera. She also knew from earlier experience that he was calling them to be interviewed for the documentery they were doing in ther schoool (that's why there were cameras).

"Luican, Marintis, Nomiza, Oreada..." Kasey was shocked. Why didn't they chose her? "Oh, I'm sorry, I skipped one on purp..I mean by accident..." the loudspeaker boomed. Laughs were clearly being hidden by her fellow classmates. Kasey, however, was trying to listen to who the passed over person was, hoping it was her.

"Okay, the passed over name is Naricassa...." Kasey let out a shrill shreik of excitement and the laughs being conceadled from the principals 'accident' came out. The teacher motioned for them to stop and for Kasey to leave quickly, as the principal finished listing the names and ordering they come 'A.S.A.P.'

hikari is light
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